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Unsubscribe a contact from sequence
Unsubscribe a contact from sequence
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To unsubscribe a contact from sequence:

1. Go to the Contacts page and select one or more contacts

2. Click on the Actions button and click on Unsubscribe from all sequences:

3. A window appears. Switch, or not, the toggle :

By clicking on the toggle the contact(s) will be added to the blacklist.
The toggle must appear in blue for the Blacklist to be set up
(you'll have to select the reason for the blacklist)

4. Make sure to check the box 'Selected contacts will be unsubscribed from all current sequences', then input your initials and click on 'Submit' to unsubscribe the contact(s) from current sequences they've been added to

Would you like to delete a contact? You can see how to do it in the following article: Delete a contact

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