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How to delete a sequence
How to delete a sequence
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Be careful when deleting a sequence. If some contacts yet have emails to receive, then they will be unsubscribed and will not receive the next emails scheduled. So we recommend you to make sure that your sequence is inactive before deleting it for good. Also keep in mind the statistics you will lose if you delete a sequence.

To check whether your sequence is active or not, go on your Sequences page (1) via the left sidebar and look to the left of your sequences: 

  • Green dot = active

  • Nothing = inactive

To delete a sequence

  1. Go to your Sequences page (1)

  2. Hover the mouse on the 3 small dots on the right of the sequence you want to delete (2)

  3. Then click on Delete (3)

  4. A window appears. Click on Confirm

Sequence deletion rule

You cannot delete a sequence that you do not own if you have the User role (see article about the User/Manager role). If you have the User role and you want to get the Manager one, we need a written authorization of someone that has the Manager role in your team. You can contact us on our livechat platform at the bottom right on your account.

Please note that if you delete a running sequence, then the contacts that were added to the sequence will not receive the next emails scheduled.

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