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Insert a personalized link
Insert a personalized link
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To redirect each of your prospects to the appropriate content you can insert a personalized clickable link in your emails via your variables and the HTML editor.

  1. In your settings, create a personalized variable corresponding to your links

 (cf. article Manage my variables)

Example: Creation of the variable "dn_link" which will contain a value such as

2. Click on the icon (see capture bellow) to access the HTML editor

3. Insert the following text in the HTML editor by customizing the "click here" part:

<a href='{{dn_lien}}' target='_blank'>cliquez ici</a></div>

4. Click again on the tag icon to exit the HTML editor

Example: For your prospects to receive the customer case adapted to their context: "I invite you to view  the customer case on Castalie to learn more", you will have to use the following code:

I invite you to view <a href='' target='_blank'>le cas client sur Castalie</a></div> to learn more

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