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Create and manage lists
Create and manage lists

Datananas has a list system to easily manage and find your contacts.

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To access your contact lists and create a new one :

  1. Go to your Contacts (1)

  2. Click on the Lists tab (2):

  3. Here you can see all your lists and have a quick overview of their information (Name, Number of contacts, Creation date, Last updated, Owner). To access your list, simply click on its name (3):

  4. To create a new list, click on Create list (4) at the top right:

  5. A window appears. Give a name to your list (5), then click on Submit (6):

In addition, from the Lists tab you can also: 

  • Delete a list

To do that, click on Delete at the right of your list:

For the Delete button to appear, you must meet several conditions:

1/ The list must be empty. You cannot delete a list that contains contacts.

2/ You must be the owner of the list or you must have the Manager role (cf. article the User/Manager roles)

You can know who owns the list via the column shown below:

To find out what your role is:

  1. Go to your settings account (1)

  2. Go then on the Users tab (2)

  3. Look at the role shown at the right of your email adress (3):

  • Change the name of your lists

  1. Click on the Edit button (1) at the right of your list:

  2. A window appears. Give a new name to your list (2) and click on Submit (3):

As a manager you can rename all lists and as a user only the ones you own.

  • View contacts from a list :

To do that, you can click on the name of the list (1) or on Show contacts (2):

  • Change the list of your contacts

To do so:

  1. Go to your contact filter (1)

  2. Select one or more contacts (2)

  3. Click on Actions (3) and then on Change list (4). For example:

  4. A window appears. Click on Enter a keyword (5) and select the new list you want. If you do not see your list directly, type the first few letters to make it appear.

  5. Click on Submit (6):

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