To access the list module and create a new list :

1/ Go to the contact management module and click on the List tab

2/ Click on Create list

3/ A window appears. Give a name to your list, then click on Submit

In addition, from the list tab you can : 

  • Delete a list : click on Delete

For the Delete feature to appear, there are 2 conditions :
1) The list must be empty. You cannot delete a list that contains contacts.

2) You must be the owner of the list. As a manager, you can delete all the lists and as a user only the ones you own.

  • Edit list name : click on Edit

A window appears. Give a new name to the list and click on Submit

As a manager you can rename all lists and as a user only the ones you own.

  • Show contacts : you can click on the name of the list or on Show contacts to see all the contacts in the list.

When you click on those lists, you are directly redirected to the page with all the contacts in the list : Video

  • Assigning a list to your contacts from the Contacts tab

To do so, go to the Contacts tab. Select your contacts and click on Actions. Then you can click on Change list.

A window appears. Select the desired list through the drop-down menu and then click on Submit.

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