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Data Desk: enrich and clean your contacts
Data Desk: enrich and clean your contacts
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The Data Desk allows you to clean up and enrich your database and to create magic variables, in order to make your sequences more spontaneous, more personalized and more impactful.

To use this feature, go to your settings (1) and then to the Data Desk tab (2) :

The Datadesk is divided into 4 categories:

  • Formatting (3) :

    allows you to change your data to make it usable in your sequence emails. By default the reformatting of the first and last name (4), role (5), company name (6) and company size (7) is enabled but you can disable the different automatic cleaning options by unchecking the options and then clicking on Save (8):

  • Magic Variables (9) :

    These magic variables are generated from your native variables such as company_name (Company name) or company_industry (Company industry) to make your sequence emails even more natural for your prospects. To enable one, it is necessary to create a variable (see article) corresponding to the magic variable that you want to use.

    For example, if you want to greet your prospects by putting the simple civility (Mr. or Mrs.), you can activate the 1st magic variable which is called Civility (10), then click on the text box (11) and type the first letters of the variable that you want to make magic (12), then select the variable:

Click on Save (13) :

Maintenant que c'est fait, vos prochains contacts créés prendront automatiquement la valeur M. ou Mme si leur prénom est renseigné.

Une fois les différentes configurations mises en place, les prochains contacts que vous allez créer seront enrichis automatiquement.

Si vous souhaitez enrichir des contacts a posteriori, il vous suffit de les sélectionner depuis vos contacts, de cliquer sur Action et Enrichir avec Data Desk :

Vous pouvez ensuite cliquer sur Valider afin d'enrichir vos contacts :

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