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Adding automatic LinkedIn network requests in your sequences
Adding automatic LinkedIn network requests in your sequences

You can send automated LinkedIn network requests to your contacts through sequences

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How to set this up

  1. First step is to synchronize your LinkedIn account in Datananas, using our Chrome plugin, Connect (more information about how to install it here). Also, make sure you are logged in LinkedIn.

  2. Then open Connect and click on the LinkedIn tab (1), then on Create my LinkedIn integration (2)

  3. You will have a success message telling you that your LinkedIn account is connected (3)

How to use it on your sequences

  1. Go one the Sequences page using the left panel (1)

    2. Click on one of your sequences or create one

    3. Go on the My sequence tab (2) and click on the sequence step of your choice (3)

    4. Click on LinkedIn (4) and select the option Invitation to connect (5). If you want that your request includes a message, use the dedicated space (6) to do so.

    5. Click on Save the sequence (7) when you're finished

    Attention : messages linked to invitations cannot be longer than 300 characters

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