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Change the sending email address
Change the sending email address
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Datananas allows you to update the e-mail sending address, either to restart synchronization following a change of information (e. g. password) or to change the sender.

The address synchronized to your account is the e-mail sending address and may be different from your login address, which allows you to identify yourself when you connect to the software.

To synchronize a new email address:

1. Go to your Account Settings and then to the Email tab

2. Click on the Disconnect my e-mail button at the bottom right of the screen

If you want to change the synchronized address, check beforehand if you have scheduled emails: If you have scheduled emails, it is better to wait until the end of the concerned sequences in order to avoid sending emails of the same sequence from two different addresses.

To learn more about synchronizing your email address, go to the articles below:

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