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Delete a contact
Delete a contact
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To do so:

  • From your contact filters:

  1. Go to your contact filter (1)

  2. Select one or more contacts (2)

  3. Click on Actions (3) and then on Delete (4):

  4. A window appears. Check the box "I confirm" (5):

  5. Type your initials (6) and click on Submit (7):

  • From your contacts profile

  1. Go to your contact profile (cf. article Contact profile)

  2. On the right, click on the icon that looks like a trash can (1):

  3. A new message appears. Click on Confirm (2):

  4. It's done, your contact is now deleted. A success message in green appears to confirm this.

Depending on your role and user rights, you may or may not delete a contact:

User : He can only act on contacts that he owns
Manager : He can act on all the contacts in the account

If you can't delete the contact(s), contact us through the chat in the software for more information.

Deletion is an irreversible action:
All deleted contacts will be removed from the current sequence

Delete all contacts in a list allows you to delete the list :
Here is the article that shows you how to delete a list

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