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Contact stages
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What is it?

In our software, your contacts see their status updated automatically as they progress (from status "Added" to status "Active" for example) and as they behave (from status "Stopped" to status "Answered") in the sequence.

The stages come in addition to these statutes. They allow you to regain control over the way you classify your contacts according to their progress in your prospecting funnel.

Where and how to configure them?

  1. Go to your settings account (1)

  2. Click on the Stages tab

  3. By default, many stages have already been created. Via the 3 small dots you can modify their name, delete them or see in one click all the associated contacts (3)

  4. To create one, click on Create stage (4):

How do you apply them to your contacts?

  • From your contact filters:

You can assign a stage to your contacts directly from your contact filters as follows:

  1. Select one or more contacts (1)

  2. Click on Actions (2) then on Change stage (3):

  3. A new window appears.

  4. Click on No stage (4) and choose the stage you want to give

  5. Then click on Submit (5):

You can also assign a stage to a contact by going to the displayed column "Stage" and clicking on the dedicated cell. See below:

  • From your contacts profile:

  1. Go on your contact profile (1) (see article to know all about it)

  2. At the far right, go to the Infos tab (2)

  3. Click on No stage (3) and choose the new stage you want to give:

  • From your inbox:

  1. Go on your Inbox (1)

  2. Select one of your responses (2)

  3. At the far right, go the Infos tab (3)

  4. Click on No stage (4) and choose the new stage:

Tip: Our Zapier connector allows an action to be triggered automatically based on a change of stage. If you need help to set up automation via zapier, do not hesitate to contact your dedicated CSM.

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