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Drip sendings over your team and over time
Drip sendings over your team and over time

Configure your sequence (senders, start date and sending mode)

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When scheduling your sequence emails, you can drip sendings over time and on several members of your sales team.

First, select your contacts and add them to the desired sequence (see article Schedule a sequence).

You are able in the configuration step to define if the emails are sent from one or more users, and to choose when they are sent.

Sender : Choose the accounts the emails will be sent from by selecting one of the three options described below.

1/ Send from my account : all the sendings will me made from your email address that is displayed just below.

2/ Send from contact owners : Each contact will be reached by his owner. In order to know how to change the ownership of your contacts, you can read this article. The sendings will be made from the email addresses that are displayed just below.

3/ Select senders : You will choose manually the senders by selecting the email addresses displayed below. The contacts will be then randomly distributed among the selected accounts.

Start date : Choose if you want to send your sequence as soon as possible or schedule it for later by selecting one of the two options below:

1/ Start now : Your emails will be sent in the next available slot on the planning. For example, if it is 10:40 a.m. when you are scheduling your sequence, it will be scheduled for 11:00 a.m.

2/ Schedule : You can choose to schedule your sequence by selecting this option and defining a date. You can either click directly on the calendar just below (available by clicking on Preview schedule) or click on the small pencil. Once the date and time selected, you can click on Confirm.

The start time of the sequence corresponds to the time slot the sending will me made on. For example, the 10:00 a.m. slot corresponds to sendings made between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

Sending mode : Choose if your want to send as many emails as possible as soon as possible or if you want to spread sendings over time by selecting one of the two options below:

1/ As soons as possible : Sendings will be scheduled to send as many emails as possible as soon as possible, using your maximum quotas established in the settings.

2/ Spread over time : You can spread your sendings. For example you can decide to engage 100 contacts per day and 50 per hour. Please note that the smallest quota will always be prioritized. For example, if you decide to engage 250 contacts with the above distribution, there will be 200 sent on the first day over 8 time slots and 50 on the second day over 2 time slots.

In order to preview the sending of your emails over time, you can click on Preview schedule.

Once you have set up your sequence, you can click on Next.

A summary of your sequence will appear with the name of your sequence, the number of contacts engaged per user and the start date of the sequence.

If everything is fine for you, you can click on Engage contacts.

Congratulations! Your sequence is now scheduled

If you want to check that you sequence is correctly scheduled, you can go to the report tab of your sequence.

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